Service Calls

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We are always striving to better serve you and build an amazing business relationship. In just seven small steps, we can accomplish great success in maintaining your properties.

Service Call Process

  1. Contact us: You can do it by phone, email or website. If it is an emergency, call us and then send an email too. In doing it this way, we can guaranty the success of the operation.
  2. Tell us your problem: Submit via email ( with the complete address of the property where the job needs to be done, the name of the person to coordinate with, and the description of the issue – use as much detail as possible.
  3. Align on scope and schedule: We coordinate and schedule with your tenants. If your tenant doesn’t speak English, we can communicate with them in Spanish and Portuguese.
  4. Meet at the property: We meet at your property to get access and start the job. You can always grant us access by lockbox code or by leaving us a copy of the keys.
  5. We do the work: No matter how hard it is, we will get your job done safely and quickly.
  6. Billing: After the job is complete, you will receive your bill. With a flat-rate time & materials contract, you will have no surprises.
  7. Repeat: After we serve you, send us your feedback and we are ready to start all over again!

Need Emergency Maintenance?

Accidents happen, things break. No one can predict an emergency, but you can predict who you call when the time comes. That’s why our crew is available to you 24/7 to solve the problem and get the job done!

Step 1) Call our 24/7 line at 833-450-1319 to ensure the fastest response time.

Step 2) Email with the property address, the name of the person to coordinate with, and a description of the issue.



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