Contract Maintenance

5 Reasons to Invest in Contract Maintenance


If you own or manage multiple units or properties, you know that small maintenance issues can arise. By setting up a contract maintenance plan, you’ll be able to rely on the same company for all of your maintenance and repair needs as soon as they arise.


1. Happy Tenants 

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When maintenance issues arise, tenants understandably want them fixed quickly. By allowing a maintenance company to make ongoing, regular service repairs to your property, you ensure that problems don’t go unsolved. After an initial complimentary inspection, our team will make a recommendation for how often and in what way your property will need servicing.


2. Preferred Pricing

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By signing a contract with your maintenance company, you reap the benefit of preferred pricing. You can also add on additional days or technicians if new issues arise. It’s all built into your contract.



3. Your Friendly, Personal Handyman

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You’ll work with the same technician (or technicians), which allows you to build rapport. Additionally, your technician will become familiar with your property, which is a great way to ensure quality work and useful recommendations.



4. Quality Control

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A supervisor will be assigned to your property to ensure the technicians do good work. It’s also someone you can communicate with if you need additional assistance with anything. We know that experienced oversight and quality control are important factors when letting a company work on your property.



5. Priority Access to Other Services

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Like what you see? If you are happy with the maintenance work done by our technicians, you’ll know you can trust them with more. Next time you need further services – whether it’s a plumber, electrician, or carpenter – you’ll already know who to call. 


We pride ourselves on building ongoing symbiotic relationships where both parties benefit. As your full service maintenance partner, DI Repairs can offer ongoing regular service on your property or portfolio at a preferred contract rate. If you are a property manager or owner in San Francisco or San Diego, contact us for more information.