Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance

DI provides a wide range of preventative maintenance programs to fit our customers’ needs. Our routine maintenance keeps our client’s properties looking great, functioning properly, and most importantly, safe. These programs also allow our team to be the “eyes and ears” for our clients, being aware of current issues on your properties and keeping you informed of their urgency and/or importance.


DI also offers a wide variety of custom services in California such as holiday décor, banner installation, leak detection, electric meter readings, and disposal of scrap material. If you’re interested in the services mentioned or other custom maintenance programs, please contact us or submit a proposal.


PM Programs Include:

*All descriptions below are a summary of services. For detailed program specifications, consult a DI account rep.


LIGHTING We recommend monthly lighting maintenance to keep your property well-lit. Technicians check all common area lighting as well as related equipment. Maintaining a well-lit property increases its appeal and also reduces chances of vandalism and theft.
HVAC Regular preventative maintenance of your AC units is proven to increase a unit’s efficiency and extend its overall life. Technicians change out filters and provide thorough inspections, keeping you informed of minor issues before they become major problems.
FIRE Our quarterly fire system maintenance is a thorough inspection of the fire system at your property. This includes inspection/testing of fire department connections, control valves, inspector’s test valve, risers, gauges, fire sprinklers and fire system monitoring. Our technicians document all inspections and provide quarterly service reports.
DI sewer maintenance includes hydro-jetting the main line (from the property out to the city main). This service has proven essential to many of our clients as it has prevented sewer line back-ups from occurring.
Proper drainage at your center is critical. Our storm drain maintenance ensures that water is being correctly diverted away from your center. Technicians open all manholes, remove unwanted debris, clean filters, and physically check to ensure lines are not plugged.
COIL CLEANING Coil cleaning maintenance is typically performed once a year. Technicians clean all air conditioner coils with an environmentally safe product to remove unwanted debris and allow for proper air flow. This service is recommended to improve AC units’ operating efficiency.
POLE TESTING Recommended every 2-3 years to reduce the chance of fallen poles that can cause damage as well as injuries. Ultrasonic pole testing determines any deficiencies in a light pole’s stability and identifies poles that are below industry standards. Upon completion of the inspection, a detailed report is provided to the client along with suggested repairs/recommendations.
ROOF CLEANING Roof cleaning maintenance is performed to remove any debris, standing water, or abandoned equipment that could weaken the integrity of the roof, block drains, or cause roof leaks. Technicians also address any areas open to water intrusion. Leak detection can also be provided as an additional service along with roof cleaning maintenance, if requested.
Debris often collects in roof gutters and downspouts. Water that isn’t draining properly off your roof can cause further damage and roof deterioration. DI provides this service in addition to roof cleaning to clear gutters and downspouts, test for proper drainage, and notify clients of any damage.
GRAFFITI REMOVAL Graffiti removal includes a visual inspection of the property and removal of all graffiti using a pressure washer (as needed) and matching the existing surface. Graffiti-proof paint can also be used to prevent future damage.
GREASE INTERCEPTOR DI utilizes a vacuum truck to remove all grease and waste water from grease interceptors. DI thoroughly scrapes down all interceptor walls, pressure washes the interiors, and properly transports the debris to a licensed disposal facility. Quarterly cleaning of grease interceptors is recommended by state and local laws to prevent grease from entering the sewer systems, causing back-ups from manhole covers, clean-outs, or even kitchen floor sinks that will adversely affect restaurant operations and incur fines. For the best results, PPM coordinates the pumping of grease interceptors with the hydro-jetting of lines. This ensures that any debris loosened by the pumping of the grease interceptor does not accidentally enter lines on either side of the interceptor creating accidental blockages.
GENERAL INSPECTION DI offers general inspection maintenance to check plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and ensure vacant suites are ready for occupancy without any unexpected maintenance issues. This service can be customized to fit your needs—customer requests are always welcomed.
FOUNTAIN Fountains can enhance a property’s appearance when maintained properly. Our fountain preventative maintenance program offers weekly inspection of the fountain, as well as cleaning, filter checks, and efforts to ensure the fountain is operating properly with correct water levels.