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Janitorial Services

DI Repairs’ janitorial team can customize a solution for your building and your budget. The upkeep and cleanliness of your building is important now more than ever. We specialize in providing a consistent high quality janitorial service that meets your exact needs. Contact us for more information.

Below is a sample of some of the services we can offer:


Common Area Janitorial Scope: Description of Scope Frequency (per week)
A Pick up litter along the sidewalks and curbs 2
B Remove litter from trees and/or inside the planter boxes 2
C Clean human/dog waste and apply disinfectant cleaner As needed
D Clean and disinfect any handrails and doors around the building 1
E Sweep the front entry area 1
F Mop the front entry area 1
G Apply cleaner to remove smudge marks and stickers from the entry call system 2
A Clean both sides of the glass lobby doors and frames and wipe down the door’s rails 2
B Clean all chrome including swinging door hardware, planter bases, hand rails, trash bins 2
C Vacuum the lobby doormats, hard surface floors and area rugs 2
D Apply carpet spotter to spots on the lobby carpets/mats As needed
E Throw away junk mail, clean around the mailbox, empty the trash and replace the liner 2
F Empty lobby trash can, replace liners and clean garbage can lid 2
G Sweep all tile floors 1
H Mop all tile floors 1
I Dust all ledges 2
J High dust vents and walls for cob webs As needed
K Report burned out lights to Community Manager contact As needed
A Vacuum and mop hardwood floors including corners, traffic areas and edges 2
B Apply carpet spotter to spots on the common area carpet and clean trash chute doors; Report deep stains to Community Manager contact As needed
C Remove smudge marks from walls As needed
D Apply neutral cleaner to the door thresholds, doors and door handles for each unit 2
E Clean all the reachable interior hallway baseboards 2
F Inspect common area hallways and clean incidental messes 2
G Remove any cobwebs and dust from ceilings, corners and door casings As needed
H Report burned out lights to Community Manager contact As Needed
A Vacuum and mop floor area and corners 2
B Clean & remove handprints and smudge marks on the walls, handrails and call buttons 2
C Clean all stainless-steel walls inside elevators 2
D Clean the elevator tracks 2
A Sweep and patrol for general trash all parking garage levels 2
B Check and sweep main garage entrance door for leaves and trash 2
C Remove trash and recycle and place in correct bins 2
D Report burned out lights to Community Manager contact 2
A Dust banisters and handrails 2
B Thoroughly sweep or vacuum all corners and edges of stairwells, including landings 2
C Remove cobwebs As needed
D Report burned out lights to Community Manager contact As needed
A Break down cardboard boxes left in the garbage room As needed
B Sweep floors and clean up debris 2
C Damp mop the floors with disinfectant cleaner and apply deodorizer 1
D Clean outside of trash and recycling containers 2
E Wipe down garbage room doors, inside and out 2
F Report burned out lights to Community Manager contact 2
A Maintain vents and drains free of leaves and other material 1