Professional Painters

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters


When it comes to a painting project, it can be tempting to DIY. All you need is paint and a brush, right? How hard can it be? Well, we’ve got your top five reasons to leave painting to the professionals.



couple holding hands and paint brushes

Painting is harder than it looks. From getting even coats everywhere, to pulling off straight lines, there can be a big range in quality when it comes to paint jobs. Professional painters will know exactly which tools to use as well as when and why. You don’t want to waste your time starting the project only to get frustrated with the results and call someone to fix it.



hourglass with blue sand

Painting may not seem like a time consuming task from the outside, but remember, it requires more than just painting. You have to move all the furniture, lay drop cloths, and tape off areas. If you don’t plan your time well, you may end up with a project that drags out over days or weeks. Professional painters are very fast, and will have your space back to livable before you know it.



blue wall with texture and cracks

How much do you know about your walls? A professional painter will be able to spot any issues that could impact the project, such as decay, mold, or structural defects. These issues can be caused by moisture in the walls, and if your painter is also a contractor (like we are), they can address any concerns before starting to paint.



green wall and floor lamp

Painting can get messy, fast. Unless your drop cloth is perfectly secured and you have tape lining every wall, mistakes will happen. Drops will fall. Luckily, professional painters will leave your space looking perfect. This also contributes to the longevity of the paint job; chips, flakes, and debris might occur if you do it yourself.



paint cans spilled on drop cloths

Professionals have all the equipment required to paint. Don’t waste time and money getting brushes, drop cloths, rollers, trays and tape when the professionals have it all ready to go. It can be easy for your shopping trip to get expensive quickly, plus you probably won’t reuse many of the tools again.


Whether it’s one wall or your entire property, DI Repairs will get your next paint job done quickly and professionally. Contact us for your painting quote today.